Groundhog Years

by Upinatem

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Album #6, recorded 2014. If you would like to order this album on CD, please email us!


released June 6, 2015

Brady - guitar, Mike - drums/vox, Russ - guitar/vox, Sean - bass/vox



all rights reserved


Upinatem Boise, Idaho

Fast punk rock since 1995.

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Track Name: The Gospel According To Erinyes
For almost a whole decade, just a fantastical dream twisted as a multi-purpose straw man for the scheme that led to a near-genocidal war in the wrong land. Behold the awesome power of the hatred of one man. Surprise! The guy you said was soft on terror, with surgical precision, split his head. And as the streets filled like it was VJ Day, my expected jubilation turned to dread. Don't get me wrong because I'm glad that fucker's dead, but I do not portend to be more Christian than usted. If Torah justice is all we ever seek, I think we'll find 'eye for an eye' will truly leave the whole world fucking blind. It's funny, the schlemiel you said would error on pussing out just laid your fears to rest, and proved you needn't wipe out a whole village for your righteous indignation I detest. When you forsake the distinguishing teaching that justified your claim of 'civilized,' you disqualify the effect of religion and compartmentalize what you've defined, exposing the lust for control in your designs. When all is said and done, we see that the effects of one man's blow can't be atoned by sinking his ass 12 fathoms below. There's no way I'm the only one who recalls their jubilation as our people died. Well chalk it up to fucked up human nature, lost irony respective of each side.
Track Name: Rand Must Die
At last, the Christian paradigm and the modern atheist reverse their roles respective of their effect on the humanist pursuit of lessening the blows of this mortality, and lifting those less fortunate from crushing poverty. 'Socialist': a slur on which you've hung disgust, disdain. Your lack of retrospect's embarrassing. You hide behind your bullshit qualms of stripping liberty, forgetting that choice is implied in democracy. At what point does the income gap turn tragically obscene? What'd you expect to happen after years of shameless pilfering? Masquerading as fiscal hawks honed in on deficit, you'd rob the poor of their Medicaid before you'd tax me 3%. I can empathize with fears of a stifling government which seizes all you've earned and hold so dear. But when those who hide in palaces prescribe we just eat cake, the impending Marxist backlash draws more near. If you want class warfare, just refuse to play fair.
Track Name: Groundhog Years
Signs of trouble were often ignored. Possible failures were never explored. Hide the dirt and leave the next incumbent to explain. And this tactic isn't new, a practice they never outgrew. Why face the heat if they don't have to take the blame? Out of our holes as we predict 15 more years of fiscal winter, so prepare for snow. Financial climates indicate our better choice is to hibernate until our numbers grow. No taking stock in the simple thought that maybe this is all we've got, and we've only down to go. Maybe it's as good as it'll get. I can't say the worst is over yet. Keep talking about the recession, this federally induced degradation. Maybe our glass is a quarter full. And though optimism's senseless, like thinking we're not defenseless, there are no victims here. We're reaping what we sow. This steady plateau of despair, a product of choosing not to care. Refusing to recognize we don't deserve to be treated fair. We've never put in any of our share, yet we expect to be subsidized. We rode the coattails of idealists and bigots alike. So why are you surprised?
Track Name: La Hipocresía
Quieres labor barato, de trabajadores sin voces, porque contratar un gringo es más caro y menos productivo. Tu hipocresía es palpable. Tu falta de consideración expuesta. Asume tus elecciones, y reconoce a aquellos que hacen posible tu éxito. ¿Cómo puedes requerir su labor pero rechazar su sola presencia? ¿Te ofende su existencia? ¿Tiene la palabra ilegal una faz? Ofreces elogios por su trabajo en el campo. Trabajan mejor que nadie. Pero los tratas como ciudadanos de segunda clase cuando los ves en el supermercado.
Track Name: Constantine's Thumb
I have remembered you fondly and I always will, but I can't fathom what you've become. A beautiful soul that's worn down by hardship and toil, held under Constantine's thumb. Kept in line by notions of a loving god who'd cast you in an ocean of suffering and loss. Why must a faith leave a dogmatic wake? What a shitty package deal. I hear things you say; did you always feel that way? At which point did you actually stop believing in what's real? It would be easier to take if you didn't act so fake, but I've found this is seldom the case. What makes people so desperate to get through bad times that only god can help them face? So I am left wondering, how do you pass unscathed and not get overwhelmed by dogmatic waves? I'd like to think that if I was in your shoes, I'd be less inclined to believe. Let's move through the steps, come to terms with our deaths. Faith is denial that we must accept mortality. It strains credulity that a master plan would have to be tied to the incredibly dumb luck of which sect you believe. A common-sense creator of both tangerines and tsetse flies says if you choose wrong, too bad but you're fucked when you die? It can't be defined. I will not be kept in line by the notion of a loving god who'd cast you in an ocean of suffering. So remember me fondly. I hope that you always will, but I can't fathom what you've become.
Track Name: Homework
I roll in at 3am from a shit show 2 hours away, and in a blink I'm up again to send the big kids on their way. And then it's work and changing shit all damn day. When the cognitive dissonance kicks in, I realize I'm glad it's like this. I don't want it to change. I hope they fight authority and think in their own way, but I'm a hypocrite. Good parenting is them doing what I say. 'Homework first before you play!' Tomorrow's just another day. I know what you think you want to say. I don't care, fuck that shit. I don't care, this is it. I don't want it to change.
Track Name: The Balls On This Guy
Hey what an asshole! Can you believe he tried? Why try to show up and fix shit? Why not kick up your feet and enjoy the ride? Thanks a lot, dickhead, for the things you've done. Why can't you leave well enough alone and rest on the laurels of where we've come? Millions of poor signing up for care, living long lives without bankrupt scares. So what, now we treat everybody fair? Goodbye to DOMA and DADT and Iraq. Who told you we wanted it all taken back, tough guy? Economic recovery, married gay lovers. We liked having banks in our student loans to pry! We watched bin Laden and the shuttles and the F-22s die. But he sure did try. Look at that dumbshit, his sky-high hopes of making a difference. It makes you cry. What was he thinking? It's not all bad: unfettered drone strikes in Pakistan; they're shitting their beds in Abbottabad. Spring-cleaning Mubarak and Gaddafi. Why not take a huge shit in our coffee? Supporting buttwads who want to be free. We don't know where you got the impression that we're better off without a depression. Why should we find strength to support one another? 'Let's all pull together to help us recover!' Lies. Society hasn't come this far by playing nice.
Track Name: Warning: May Cause Seizures
We line the streets with soldiers. We arm them to the teeth under the guise of our protection. What the hell have we unleashed? Why do they need cannons and heavy artillery? Dysfunctional spoiled cops, they know that you should die for B&E. Iron fists, the pigs are pissed. It's hard to tell what for. But the surveillance state now goes both ways. Our smart phones they abhor. They'll kick your ass for going fast and search you without cause, and heaven help you if you've got some cash. They'll seize it just because, because they can. Don't let them in. Never let those fascists search your car. I know it seems there's nothing we can do. But I'm here to tell you, friend, have courage. The fight is far from through. Stand your ground and learn your rights. Transparency only works when we're educated and wield it to stay free. Too many opportunities for corruption. Stifled checks trashed by group-think and fraternity result in this type of disruption, where fear of crime and terror lead to bullshit stop 'n' frisks and unarmed black kids shot dead in the streets we line with soldiers....
Track Name: Sleeveless In Hagerman
Every night I'm tortured by the clock as I watch the minutes tick away. It never stops. I can't shut off the movie of this life played in my mind, on a constant loop and mercilessly emphasized on all the bullshit things I can't control. Yet still they nag my conscience, urge me to feel guilt, because I know in some way I contribute to this thing they've built. If I were just more ignorant, I wouldn't be so tired. Sunshine and coffee get me by as I go about my day absorbing all the bile and disappointing news around the world. And though I try, I can't look away. Just a rubbernecker at the wreck humanity's become. I can't control it so it nags my conscience. Crushed beneath the guilt of sucking from the monstrous metal teat of this machine we've built. I envy your indifference. I'm sick of being tired. Don't doze off, it's time to wake up.
Track Name: Honeybee
I'll never forget the time back before when I was lost so long ago. Disjointed path was undefined, lacking what inside we all desire to know. Satiated, the yearning's gone. We're no longer traveling our paths alone. Frightening and complex world. Wherever I end up, if I'm with you it's home. Emboldened and inspired to thrive, grateful for this constant that I lean upon. These existential gifts that we've bestowed enrich the fabric of a trust evolved beyond. I'm aware of just how badly I am undeserving and yet fortunate. Many better men have lived entire lives wandering and never finding happiness.
Track Name: Don't Sweat The Big Stuff
When her heart stops, you realize you're left all alone with four fucking mouths to feed on your own. But you pick up the drink and you don't stop to think that you've got a job to do. I don't need examples to show me what's right, 'cause you were the model of everything not to do. You let the pressure, grief and alcohol get to you. But don't think that you've ruined me by giving up your plans. I have learned vicariously that I'm the only man who gets to decide what to do with my life, so I won't be nobody's fool. Don't think that you've ruined me with all you haven't done. I have learned vicariously that I'm the only one who gets to decide what to do with my life, not you. You won't get that chance again. I know she's been taken away, but you're one drink away from the news. And I think about you every day, but I refuse to lose.
Track Name: Mad At Me
Well I never thought I'd wanna do the things you tell me, but it's true that feelings heal in time. I thought it'd be good for me to try and get along with you, and everything was fine. Leave it to me to speak my mind when our burnt bridge was just rebuilt, and words went flying, Melly's crying. For three days I felt like dying. I'm a jerk and you don't like me; maybe someday. It's not likely that you will understand and you'll see what she sees in me. Too many times I tried to comprehend the reason why I can't seem to fit in. Maybe it's 'cause I'm different and I talk too much about my band, just like some jackass kid. I'm sorry that I got a wife and barged in on your perfect life and opened up some eyes. I'll do my best to get along and hope that you don't hear this song. I truly empathize. I hope you realize that at least I'm willing to try.