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Album #3, recorded in 2001.


released January 1, 2001

Brady - guitar, Matt - drums, Sean - guitar/lead vox, Shannon - bass



all rights reserved


Upinatem Boise, Idaho

Fast punk rock since 1995.

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Track Name: Mad At Me
Well I never thought I'd wanna do the things you told me, but it's true that feelings heal in time. So I thought it would be good for me to try and get along with you, and everything was fine. Leave it to me to speak my mind when our burnt bridge was just rebuilt, and words were flying, Melly's crying. For three days I felt like dying. I'm a jerk and you don't like me. Maybe someday. It's not likely that you will understand and you'll see what she sees in me. Too many times I tried to understand the reason why I can't seem to fit in. Maybe it's 'cause I'm different and I talk too much about my band, just like some jackass kid. I'm sorry that I got a wife and barged in on your perfect life and opened up some eyes. I'll do my best to get along and hope that you don't hear this song. I truly empathize. I hope you realize that at least I'm willing to try.
Track Name: Crystal Clear
Your life just slowed down to that point you're in a rut. It's all in your head, my friend, so get up off your butt. No one knows and no one really cares for you and your circumstantial point of view. You've been told a thousand times that you're just you, and I guess you're gonna do what you're gonna do. All at once everything focuses, and the image becomes sharp and clear. Wrong is wrong and right is right and not to be confused, and people tell you what you wanna hear. One day out of nowhere it will come along, and it's gonna put you in your place. You're nothing special because people are the same. It's all gonna get thrown right back in your face, the whole damn human race.
Track Name: The Answer Is Yourself
Just like a jerk, I always thought it would be good for me to be you. I feel so stupid. That's what I get for choosing a role model that's a loser. We've all been through it. We're told a thousand times to turn from those who'd give us candy. What for, if candy tastes so good? Your inexperience will be the source of your undoing. If I could change the truth of that, I would. It baffles me how guys like you find comfort in what you're doing. I think it's time you stopped and took a hard look at who you're screwing.
Track Name: Co-Dependent
So here I sit with a half-warm beer. My cheek is stained with another tear as the girl of my dreams starts her one-night stand. It sickens me, the way she looks, the way she acts. She's in their books as the girl who is most on demand. How can I help her understand that I would love to lend a helping hand? If she could see I'd do her well, she might believe I'd save her from this hell. What's she thinking? I can't tell. She's under some hypnotic spell. A flying leap, where will you land? Why aren't you sick by now of one-night stands? The night goes on and so does she, in a drunken state of hypocrisy. It's obvious that she doesn't care. The party's done, they've had their fun. It hurts me to think what they have done to this girl passed out in her underwear. I drive her home, up through the door, and carry her to her bed once more, where once again I fall to the floor. And I cry the tears I've cried for years for this girl who's been screwed by my peers. I know I can't take it anymore. As I drive home, I wonder why I let myself become the type of guy who can't get over this. It brings me down and all my friends are pissed. Deep inside I know they're right, but still I can't give up the fight for this girl who has messed up my mind. What a big damn waste of my time.
Track Name: We Stand Unimpressed
When you look at people you always can tell who's doing fine and who's not so well. And sometimes when you think you've had enough, you realize that it's tough to defend the matters at hand. They're slipping right through your fingers like sand, and you can't be the guy you were before. Again I just got bored with the talk of what we have in store. You don't get to take from me all the things that I know that I'd like to be. You don't get to understand why I never wanted to be like them. I won't let you go away until you hear what the hell I have to say. Just like before, your ideals I ignore. I hear all this talk that punk rock is dead. Well who do you think puts that thought in their heads? I'll tell you who: the ones who never knew what it meant to choose what you want to do with your life. They simply roll over with hardly a fight. And sometimes it just makes me wonder why I even try. Then I realize, screw them 'cause that's a lie. I always wanted more. Who cares if you're hardcore? Your ideals I ignore.
Track Name: Jill's Secret
She feels the sting that comes with sacrificing time she spent on building up the feelings that she kept inside. And now she watches what was once strength wash right down the drain. She sits outside and starts to cry and gets drenched by the rain? Why must life be lived by those who turn it to a lie? They don't understand that virtue exists just to get them by. What else can I do to help her open up her eyes? It would take an act of god to change what she'll epitomize. You'd think she'd learn that mistakes weren't to reoccur. But you'd have to assume that she saw how badly they use her. So in the air I throw my hands. I know not what to do to help her see that she'll relive the hell she's just been through.
Track Name: Screwed In The Worst Way
A victim of his own design, he sits at home and wonders why he didn't choose to walk the line. He looks at her and starts to cry. He knows that he's the one to blame, but of him I am not ashamed. I only wish that I could take upon me his most grave mistake. Persuaded by what felt like love, he can't shake off the memory of the voice of warning he heard every time. But stubborn right up to the end, he's tied down now and can't defend the choice he made to ignore every sign. He's trying hard to do what's right by choosing to stick by her side. But after every stupid fight, the love that's gone he cannot hide. I think back to the time before, I guess I should have helped him more. It sucks to see it go this way. There's nothing more I want to say.
Track Name: Sinep
That's the hardest thing, to write a song, one that's not too short and not too long, that lets them know just what I think is so wrong. Especially one about some lonely girl, who with just three words could change the world to me and leave a feeling that's so strong. But it's better here to share my lament, how I messed up and how that went. Things don't always end so happily. She didn't understand just how I felt, and she ended up with someone else because I was not the one she wanted me to be. So I went along and things were good, but I never really quite understood, if I had asked, just if she would. Now it's much too late, I'll never know. And that's always how the story goes. In the end I'm left here feeling low. I yell and scream and play my punk rock tunes, but inside I still feel like a goon 'cause I couldn't grasp the thing that meant the world to me. So when you look at me please don't feel bad, 'cause though I may seem really sad, things aren't as bad as I make them seem to be. There comes a time when you think you've got it made. The ones you love are safe, the bills are paid. It's right then that feelings start to fade. Next thing you know, you've lost it all. Where once you were feeling ten feet tall, you look around and realize you're so small. It's nothing new, it's a fear that we've all had. And you actually end up feeling glad when it happens "to them and not to me." So be glad right now for what you've got, because more often than not, things will not stay the way that you'd like for them to be.
Track Name: Hittin' Trees
Some guys hit the mark, and some guys just get stoned. Some they go off by themselves to find themselves alone. To a few it is preferred to go off of the track. And you know they couldn't give a shit if they found their way back. I guess it's just something you do for yourself. Got nothing to do with money or wealth. Being true to yourself, it must be shown. Giving a shit about no one else, thinking it's something that's good for their health. A choiceless decision. They're seeds that must be sown, so sow them on your own. Now is the time to let it be shown. Scream out your lungs so everyone knows. You don't know how or where you're gonna roam, but you'll go it on your own. Breaking through the bone, and you'll do it all alone. Now I know just what you're thinking. I know just what you'll say. If you doubt it's all that easy, just look at it this way. Whatever path you choose from now, remember that you're free. You're either dodging through the woods or you're out there hittin' trees.
Track Name: Matt's Mom's Donuts
Running and drinking. There's no use in thinking that what you believe in is what is right. Stand up for something, they'll tell you it's nothing. The goal that you're reaching is out of sight. I never ever wanted anything to change. No matter how I try and fight, it doesn't seem to make it right. Fight for all that's true and all that's right.