2011 Tour EP

by Upinatem

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released July 29, 2011

Brady - guitar, Mike - drums/vocals, Russ - guitar/vocals, Sean - bass/vocals



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Upinatem Boise, Idaho

Fast punk rock since 1995.

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Track Name: The Gospel According To Erinnyes
For almost a whole decade, just a fantastical dream. Twisted to be a multi-purpose straw man for the scheme that led to a near-genocidal war in the wrong land. Behold the awesome power of the hatred of one man. Surprise! The guy you said was soft on terror, with surgical precision, split his head. And as the streets filled like it was V-J Day, my expected jubilation turned to dread. Don't get me wrong, because I'm glad that fucker's dead, but I don't portend to be more Christian than usted. If Torah justice is all we ever seek, I think we'll find that 'eye for an eye' will truly leave the whole world fucking blind. It's funny, the schlemiel you said would error on pussing out just laid your fears to rest. They proved you needn't wipe out a whole village for retribution we should all detest. When you forsake the distinguishing teaching that justified your claim of 'civilized,' you disqualify the effect of religion and compartmentalize what you've defined, exposing the lust for control in your designs. When all is said and done, we see the effects of one man's blow can't be atoned for by sinking his ass 12 fathoms below. There's no way I'm the only one who recalls their jubilation as our people died. Chalk it up to fucked-up human nature. Lost irony respective of each side.
Track Name: Rand Must Die
At last, the Christian paradigm and modern atheist reverse their roles, respective of their effect on the humanist pursuit of lessening the blows of this mortality, and lifting those less fortunate from crushing poverty. 'Socialist,' a slur on which you've hung disgust, disdain. Your lack of retrospect's embarrassing. You cower behind bullshit qualms of stripping liberty, forgetting choice is implied in democracy. At what point did the income gap turn tragically obscene? What'd you expect to happen after years of shameless pilfering? Masquerading as fiscal hawks, honed in on deficit, you'd rob the poor of Medicaid before you'd tax us 3%. I can empathize with fears of stifling government that seizes all you've earned and hold so dear. But when those who hide in palaces prescribe we just eat cake, the impending Marxist backlash draws more near. If you want class warfare, just refuse to play fair.
Track Name: Don't Sweat The Big Stuff
As her heart stops, you realize you're left all alone with four fucking mouths to feed on your own. But you pick up the drink and you don't stop to think that you've got a job to do. We don't need examples to show us what's right, 'cause you were the model of everything not to choose. You let the pressure, grief and alcohol get to you. But don't think that you've ruined me by giving up your plans. I have learned vicariously that I'm the only man responsible for myself, and nobody else, so I won't be nobody's fool. Don't think that you've ruined me for all you haven't done. I have learned vicariously that I'm the only one who gets to decide what to do with my life, not you. You won't get that chance again. I know she's been taken away, but you're one drink away from the booze. I think about you every day, but I refuse to lose.
Track Name: Sleepless In Hagerman
Every night I'm tortured by the clock as I watch the minutes tick away. It never stops. I can't shut off the movie of this life played in my mind, on a constant loop and mercilessly emphasized on all the bullshit things I can't control. Yet still they nag my conscience, urge me to feel guilt, because I know in some way I contribute to this thing they've built. If I were just more ignorant, I wouldn't be so tired. Sunshine and coffee get me by as I go about my day, absorbing all the bile and disappointing news around the world. And though I try, I can't turn away. Just a rubbernecker at the wreck humanity's become. I can't control it, so it nags my conscience. Crushed beneath the guilt of sucking from the monstrous metal teat of this machine they've built. I envy your indifference. I'm sick of being tired. Don't doze off, it's time to wake up.
Track Name: J-Town's Just A Football Team
You try to live out all your fear of perceived threats and justify your hate speech, because around each corner now you think there lies some imminent disaster waiting just on the horizon. But that's just the weakness that we strangled once and bludgeoned, then we buried it alive. But now it's risen from the dead because you like Glenn Beck instead. You think that fucker's got it right? You used to listen to our band, so please just help me understand, what line of thought fucked up your mind? You act religiously devout, but never help anyone out. Your motivation now seems clear. You're just a pompous egotist, a self-serving pathetic narcissist. The right attracts you because you are too good now to help your brother up when he stumbles on the mosh pit floor. I understand and empathize with aspects of their cause. That doesn't justify oppression they've deemed sacrosanct to laws like those passed by the Sun Devils who think their border's lost. I thought you hate big government, but really you just hate those who don't look like you because....You let it rise up from the dead because you'd rather give Rush head than shed some introspect and light on what you're convinced you believe. You see, the 'knowledge' you've received just patronizes and defines the darkest reaches of your soul. It strokes your ego until no lingering empathy survives. I guess it's time to bid adieu. Our tepid brotherhood is through. Enjoy a life plagued by that nagging feeling that any shred of meaningfulness has been swept away. So now we stand before you once again to offer nothing more than entertainment. Concepts that float past your nodding heads. We've all been there before, and so I must rely on the hope that one day you too will extricate your mind from what they've ingrained deep inside.