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Album #5, recorded in 2008. If you would like to order this album on CD, please email us!


released December 1, 2008

Brady - guitar, Mike - drums, Sean - bass/guitar/lead vox



all rights reserved


Upinatem Boise, Idaho

Fast punk rock since 1995.

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Track Name: No Longer Relevant
Clinging to a door as you go floating by what broken levees just laid waste to: decades filled with history. What if it had been downtown Salt Lake City or some other WASP-invested space? Would slow response still be a mystery? Racism is more than just not getting hired, or riding the back of the bus, or COINTELPRO, some dogs and fire hose. They promise to protect you. It's their platform for their lies that re-elect. Now you see what priority you are: ignored. I'm sick of this fucking stupid, racist, asinine, destructive paradigm that dominates our culture, holds its filthy ground. It's not OK to ignore just because it's ingrained and affects most old people. If you want change then we must change the most profound. I won't back down. I can't lie down. I will not carry on your hatred. I refuse to propagate your xenophobic, inbred, white trash bigot point of view. I refuse to raise my children with your racist legacy. This hatred ends with you. I'm much too cynical to think that you will ever change, but there's one thought that helps me sleep at night. Your credibility has weakened; you're no longer relevant. I'm wondering if you were ever right.
Track Name: A More Deserving Place
The Christian Right is neither Christian nor right. Would Jesus Christ support these greedy land invaders? Try loving neighbors or turning your cheek, and in their eyes you're just some pinko commie traitor. How do your millions make you so meek when a million die each year of malnutrition? How is it Christian to prey on the weak and profiteer upon their devastation? I know you've heard this all before. Human suffering is what we all deplore. Why would you ask your god to bless the USA when no one else but you can feed their face? Look at your bed, your wealth, your home, your family. God bless a more deserving place. Your mantra to the Muslim world is that violence is against the nature of religion. You point your finger, there's 3 pointing back. Sadly it's the foundation of our division. You are the pot and yes, the kettle's black, but this is not your holy justification for Gitmo torture, to attack Iraq. You need to look up "Christian" definitions. The hardest part for me: those in support of this hegemony are good people who mostly do what's right. So lying here before me, a gargantuan dichotomy, a "brother vs. brother" brand of fight.
Track Name: Screwed In The Worst Way
A victim of his own design, he sits at home and wonders why he didn't choose to walk the line. He looks at her and starts to cry. He knows that he's the one to blame, but of him I am not ashamed. I only wish that I could take upon me his most grave mistake. Persuaded by what felt like love, he can't shake off the memory of the voice of warning he heard every time. But stubborn right up to the end, he's tied down now and can't defend the choice he made to ignore every sign. He's trying hard to do what's right by choosing to stick by her side. But after every stupid fight, the love that's gone he cannot hide. I think back to the time before, I guess I should have helped him more. It sucks to see it go this way. There's nothing more I want to say.
Track Name: PNAC's Bitches
O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Hannity have helped propagate the conspiracy. Completely devoid of intellect. Just sycophants for the prefect. Parading around all the fascist ideals of the powerful, disgusting to no end. Just toady waterboys or something more that I would not defend? It's not America to me. Just words are "freedom," "liberty." Newly refined post-Pharisees. Help me to paint a face on those I love. Help me learn to fight to show them something more.
Track Name: We Remain Unimpressed
So many years since day number one. We're still the same, playing fast and having fun. Not gonna change for popularity's sake. No other path that we'll ever wanna take. And here we shall remain. Our goals remain the same: fast punk rock! Outlasting all the trends until the bitter end. It would have been so easy for us to go emo or metalcore or what-the-fuck-have-you. But our consciences won't let us sleep at night for playing total shit in hopes of getting signed.
Track Name: Dick Cheney's Audacity
The clock struck 10, the bomb went off, no one was left in sight. In retrospect it didn't matter who showed up to fight. Because in that instant no one pondered who was wrong or right. The fallen's anguished families wailed well into the night. Society's humanity sacrificed in the name of security. The audacity of Dick Cheney translates into endless tragedy. It should have raised some eyebrows when he organized the race, and then for Dubya's running mate he put himself in place. So no one was surprised when he shot his friend in the face, or when he smeared Joe Wilson for debunking yellowcake. The time is nigh when he'll be but a nightmare from the past. His pandering to the Christian Right has shown that it can't last. And fuck the aristocracy who helped the votes get cast. The blood is dripping from our hands. We'd better wash them fast.
Track Name: Circling The Drain
If at this point you don't perceive the hypocrisy of our democracy, then my words will have no effect on you. I've put my concerns to the test, but now I see I'm just wasting breath. Reality is a concept you eschew. I won't mourn your citizens who volunteered so to defend the wealth and greed of those who sold them out. 'Cause I'm not about to pretend that my freedom's what they defend, just so you sleep at night not filled with doubt. Most people would now agree the greatest threat to democracy is not some Muslim nutjob with a bomb, but giving in to both fear and hate by allowing Bush to replicate the drain-circling of once well-read nations.
Track Name: Loyal Bushies
Generalissimo Alberto showed he's an ardent loyalist. With a wink and a nod to Bush, he tells them, "I can't remember shit." Can't you see that one after another falls in disgrace? At what point are you no longer partisan? Wolfowitz's punishment for Iraq? A cushy World Bank job. What'd he finally go down for? Promoting the girl who sucks his knob. Are you Americans first, or just Republican? Ha, you call us treasonous? Theocratic rule's not what the founders had in mind. So I refuse to listen to you fucking ditto-headed bastards tell me you're more patriotic when you're too stupid to see right through their lies.
Track Name: I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion
You speak of love and brotherhood, you speak of loyalty. You've solidified your pure world vision of how it all should be. All rooted in conjecture and dysfunctionality, and now it's what you try to put on me. A supernova of dynamic styles and preferences. For a season we built our strengths upon our differences. But I don't fucking give a shit what anybody says, the end always defines remembrances. You had nothing but contempt for us for two long years, and nothing more than naysaying and threats. I guess that friendship wasn't worth the price of solitary fears. Now do you think you've found your due respect? Well I don't care.
Track Name: Democracide
We're going down the toilet with every passing day, and the people have come together to stand out of your way. Nearly two terms deep and you have only made things worse, while America stands by and gets the raping it deserves. We're committing democracide. Thanks a lot to all you fucks who voted this guy in. It's readily apparent you take freedom for granted. But Bush, I won't accept the doom toward which we blindly race. You'll always find my middle finger right in your fucking face. I hate you, fuck off and die. We hate to say we told you so, but numbers just don't lie. The emperor's been stripped naked, and no one can deny the tragedy that's been his second term. And so we wait to see if all you fucktards will again capitulate.