The Untimely Demise Of A Once Well​-​Read Nation

by Upinatem

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Album #4, recorded in 2004. If you would like to order this album on CD, please email us!


released July 1, 2004

Brady - guitar, Pate - bass, Mike - drums, Sean - guitar, lead vox



all rights reserved


Upinatem Boise, Idaho

Fast punk rock since 1995.

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Track Name: Where Were You On That One, Dipshit?
The common misconception, like some stuck-up high school girl, is that our overbearing superpower's loved by the whole world. A reflection of its ignorant, complacent citizens' non-opposition to a foreign policy endorsed by them. And then a scream across the sky, a surreal event that later they'd deny. An apocalyptic scene that I could never view as justified. But in shock we ask of ourselves, "Why? What reason did we give to fight? We never did a thing!" Yeah, right. Let's see if I can break it down so we both understand. They can't produce enough oil to fuel your thirsty Land Rovers. They buy it off some capitalist Saudi billionaire who thinks like us, with US bucks, and doesn't freakin' care if we help to defile his "holy land." We enlist and pay to help guard sand, at the risk of pissed off Muslims with "only sticks and stones." The oil company CEOs pay off their seventh homes. Then they have the nerve to jack the price the day the towers fell. You can bet those corporate hypocrites are gonna burn in hell.
Track Name: In Defense Of Natalie Maines
Go on and wave your flag, support your fascist king. Don't you stupid rednecks realize he hasn't done a thing for veterans, for children, for all of you not in the top percent of rich Republicans whose offshore companies reduce their taxes spent? You would rather help destroy my First Amendment right than even try to see that war will just more terrorists invite. Forget that 9/11 was by Saudis, yes it's true. And you all forgot about Osama, any Muslim now will do. Go on and blacklist us, you neo-McCarthyist, because we have the right to dissent and to protest and resist. So screw you and your freedom fries. You want nothing of peace, because it means the oil prices are sky-high for your monstrous SUVs. You would rather watch Fox News than try to get it right, like some white trash father watching wrestling while his kids starve out of sight. I get so pissed that most of you are too stupid to fight, or find out for yourselves why some Iraqi child will die alone tonight. Hey Bush, you've fooled most of my family and my friends. But don't think that for a minute you have won and it's the end. When Iraqis terrorize New York and Washington, DC, and they string you up like Mussolini, you'll see what we mean.
Track Name: Paradigm
Awaken all your faculties to this new cause we're making. Realize the shit fit that we're in. It won't start without a plan of how we're going to change it, how we're going to turn from points of sin. I know sometimes it seems so easy to turn your back away, but this won't help to solve the problem, and prolongs it for another day. So get your head out of the sand and let reality set in. Realize what you are, what you've done and where you've been. If you wanna change the system, you've got to get up in them. You've got to turn it inside out and let them know what we're so pissed about. So don't just sit there whining about this wrecked ship we're flying. Get off your ass and scream and shout. Let them know what we're so pissed about. Demons cloud the clear blue sky America once slept under. Our country's decomposing from within. As I pledge allegiance to great threadbare Ol' Glory, you sit and home and reckon while indolent. If you think that you're enslaved by the society you're born in, if you know that you're enraged by all the bullshit that's been happening, if you can't stand the way they lie and tell us it'll be OK, then let's push forth, fight for the future, give our children a much brighter day.
Track Name: Dick Cheney's Angina
One day Dick pulled Georgie Dub aside and made him an offer he was too dumb to refuse. He said, "I know where there's a fatty oil supply and a bullshit reason to invade them we can use. History tells us that he'll likely light his oil wells on fire, like he did back in Kuwait. So give my company (Halliburton) exclusive contract for the cleanup. We'll take a cut and just sit back and wait!" I fucking hate your guts, Dick Cheney, though I'm not that vengeful of a guy. Your disinterest and disservice for this country makes me hope you'll palpitate and die. As you get rich on our misery, I've got to say it's hard to sympathize. You're a wretched vomitous mass of stinking human flesh, and I despise you with every fiber of my soul. And if we're smart, this nation won't vote you in for four more years, but even then your legacy will take its toll. I can't even say I really blame George Jr. for his reign of violence and oppression these last few years, because he's dyslexic, he can't talk. That dipshit can't chew gum and walk. A rich-boy retard that the public doesn't fear.
Track Name: Tragic Valley
The masses all conform and are completely unaware of the extenuating circumstances that they've come to bear. Like lemmings hurling headlong into Orwellian seas of the uncompromising discord that infects like a disease they help to share. They're actually surprised when I display my point of view, as if the notion of revolt was something people didn't do. It's as if they don't care what goes on outside their doors, and as if they don't care what their leaders have in store. Why do they expect us to obey their laws when it's corporate lobbyists who put them into place? Why do they expect Americans to take the hook when bullshit foreign policy's shoved in their face? They must think we're stupid like King George, who hasn't read a paper in three years. My family tells me there's too much time on my hands...between my two jobs, my kid Dexter, wife and band? Just like the public, they don't want to understand because it's hard for them to hear.
Track Name: Nothing Accomplished
"Sign up now! We'll even pay for college. If there's anyone, it's your government you can trust!" You were determined to do your part to foil terrorist plots, not help perpetuate the "president's" bloodlust. Time after time, they've told you that you've won there, and in a couple weeks you'll be on your way home. But every day more soldiers die because of Rumsfeld's lies. You sit and guard a checkpoint all alone. You lied. You lied to the soldiers who died, the men and the women who fight because they believed you were right. You suck, you naysaying raker of muck. You daft, insubordinate schmuck, perpetually passing the buck. Back here all the zealous nationalist morons with "support the troops" plastered to their cars all help do their part to make sure that you stay there and you die. There's no end to their hypocrisy so far. A prime example of how ignorance and apathy leads lazy "patriots" to support what isn't right. But there are thousands of true patriots all across the world, and we're determined to not give up the fight. Nationalist Americans believe their loyalty is to their government and to their flag, just like little kids who'll love their mom and dad no matter what, even when abuse has gotten bad. Truly patriotic people see that's something's wrong, and aren't afraid to point it out because of love. We believe that change will come from education and dissent, not from preemptive strikes that bring death from above.
Track Name: We Stand Unimpressed
When you look at people you always can tell who's doing fine and who's not so well. And sometimes when you think you've had enough, you realize that it's tough to defend the matters at hand. They're slipping right through your fingers like sand, and you can't be the guy you were before. Again I just got bored with the talk of what we have in store. You don't get to take from me all the things that I know that I'd like to be. You don't get to understand why I never wanted to be like them. I won't let you go away until you hear what the hell I have to say. Just like before, your ideals I ignore. I hear all this talk that punk rock is dead. Well who do you think puts that thought in their heads? I'll tell you who: the ones who never knew what it meant to choose what you want to do with your life. They simply roll over with hardly a fight. And sometimes it just makes me wonder why I even try. Then I realize, screw them 'cause that's a lie. I always wanted more. Who cares if you're hardcore? Your ideals I ignore.
Track Name: BAGDAD
Speaking of the city, it's spelled wrong. But it makes for all the changes in this song. Either way, our flag doesn't belong there.
Track Name: Storm The Bastille
Bills spread out before me like a ragged patchwork quilt on my Walmart kitchen table that some Chinese worker built. You've swindled out our jobs. Trillion-dollar deficit. And here around my kitchen table we are barely making it. Here around my kitchen table we're all getting pissed. But at my kitchen table there is no silver spoon. You can't seem to solve our problems, but you'll send us to the moon. 'Cause here around my kitchen table, all your worthless talk is shit. The world is falling apart around us. We're not making it. And around my kitchen table we're all pissed. All the kids who go to fight expect the glorious lie, as if they fight for freedom when they really go to die. Their blood's a tragic story that you'd never deign to tell. To save your corporate minions you would march them straight to hell. You would march our sons and daughters off straight to hell. But at my kitchen table we hear the news each night. A few more soldiers die each day, and you have caused this blight. All humanity is suffering, so why just add to it? But here around my kitchen table we're discussing it. Yes, here at my kitchen table we're all pissed. I'm at my kitchen table overwhelmed by all you've done. Your rhetoric means nothing as the world becomes undone. Because mine's the daily toil of one who works to toe the line. But now instead it should be said that we are falling more behind. Yes, instead it should be said we're all behind.
Track Name: Desperation
Can you find a way to overlook the problems that blindly face us all? 'Cause I can see from here that progress has now slowed down to a halt. I guess we're no fun because we care for the welfare of our sons and their futures in this narcissist, pro-fascist nation. And I won't pretend I'm sorry, because I'm not the least bit sorry. Because our faults combined together hardly leave us deserving of the future conflict they've planned for us all. I got so mad I joined the local party of Greens in Idaho. I paid my dues in hopes they'd help show the tax cuts as a joke. Now it's gotten so bad that Nader's pulled his name off of the vote to back up Kucinich. It made me wonder about that check I wrote. Do I feel bad for this fucked-up nation? No. They comprehend but just don't fucking care.